Raystede to the rescue as kitten survives the big storm

Storm the lost kitten
Storm the lost kitten

A Raystede supporter, who has previously rehomed cats from the charity, discovered a young kitten during one of his work shifts at a garden centre near Lewes.

He knew there were a couple of ferrel cats on site and when he heard plaintiff crying from under a dark stairway, he imagined it to be one of their kittens. On further investigation he discovered a single kitten in a bucket of leaves.

She was cold and thin and he raced her up to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer. Initially, they were concerned about whether she would survive – she was so weak and cold that she couldn’t hold her head up unaided and her temperature was so low that the thermometer couldn’t register.

She was placed on a heat pad with two warm hot water bottles at her side and a heat lamp above her to help her hypothermia by gradually warming her through. After a couple of hours, she moved her head and within a day, the thermometer was registering.

On examination, Storm (pictured, top) was found to be a five to six-week-old black, fluffy kitten. She was very thin but is now lapping her way through three bowls of milk a day and is being weaned (rather reluctantly) onto solid foods. Storm, appropriately named as she was found on the Monday of the storms along the South Coast, continues to make good progress.

Once she has put on a little weight Raystede will be looking to find someone to rehome this playful, friendly kitten. If you are interested, or want to donate, call 08448751252 or visit: www.raystede.org