Recognising local heroes in Lewes Civic Awards

Serving Lewes: Colin and Kath Reynolds, Sandy Hilly, Mayor Cllr Ruth O'Keeffe, Sarah Gordy and Terry Powell
Serving Lewes: Colin and Kath Reynolds, Sandy Hilly, Mayor Cllr Ruth O'Keeffe, Sarah Gordy and Terry Powell

Lewes Town Council’s Civic Awards 2014 have been awarded to celebrate the ‘silent stars’ of the community.

There were four categories this year to recognise those who work tirelessly and offer outstanding service to the people of Lewes.

The Community Award went to Colin and Kath Reynolds. They have been the backbone of a huge number of successful Lewes Operatic Society shows as well as being involved in St Mary’s Pantomime and the running of St Mary’s Social Centre. It’s the first time a double award has been given, recognising their wide-reaching voluntary work in many areas of Lewes life.

Sandy Hilly took the Heritage Award after she organised and coordinated more than 4,000 volunteer hours of work for the tapestry created to mark the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes. She created a rota system to allow the 55 volunteers to organise the times they could work and has been a valuable help on workshops to teach some 170 volunteers the stitches needed to create the tapestry. Sandy’s contribution has meant that this project has become a shining example of how volunteers in the local community can improve the lives of local people.

The Arts Award went to Sarah Gordy for the outstanding service to the people of Lewes for many years. Her work in the Arts has been phenomenal, especially for disabled people living and working in Lewes. Her passion for dance, acting, writing and social activism have helped other disabled people come forward and realise their potential. She is an active member of the Oyster Club in Lewes and volunteers at a local charity shop whenever she can.

Terry Powell, a Lewesian who has given a lifetime’s service to Rugby Union in the town, took the Sports Award. His friendly and infectious inspiration, tactical awareness and development of skills led to 20 years of transforming Lewes RFC into a leading team, reaching 15 County Cup Finals in 20 years, winning 12. During his 55 years of service to the Lewes community, several generations of players have passed under his stewardship, and many hundreds are grateful for his inspiration to their children.

Each winner was awarded a certificate and an enamelled Civic Award lapel badge as well as £100 to the charity of their choosing by the Mayor of Lewes, Cllr Ruth O’Keeffe, at a ceremony in the Town Hall.