Reduce wrapping for Easter eggs - MEP plea

Lib Dem MEP Sharon Bowles, who represents Sussex at the European Parliament, is urging manufacturers to reduce the amount of packaging used to wrap Easter eggs.

Despite Government rules which require manufacturers to reduce packaging to a bare minimum, many Easter eggs still come wrapped in foil, plastic and cardboard.

According to a UK parliamentary report, this year Mars and Cadbury have reduced the size and weight of their packaging compared with last year, Guylian have produced the most excessively packaged Easter egg, and Nestle is still the only company whose Easter egg packaging is 100% recyclable.

Sharon Bowles MEP said: “Easter eggs are still the Russian dolls of confectionary but, generally speaking, manufacturers are doing better this year than last.

“For those that recycle, excess packaging amounts to more hassle. For those that don’t, excess packaging amounts to more waste.

“In short, manufacturers need to do better to reduce their packaging. In the meantime, I hope everyone will remember to recycle their Easter egg packaging.”