Referrals increase in Uckfield diabetes checks

Uckfield news
Uckfield news

Thanks to Uckfield commercial property agent Chris Lawson, the town’s Lions were again able to borrow an empty shop at Uckfield High Street on Saturday for a diabetes testing morning.

Run by chemist Lion David Skinner, assisted by Nurse Emma Sibley, they saw 150 people persuaded to take the test by roaming Lions.

The ‘it’s just a little prick’ strapline went down well although the Lions got some apt comments back.

Everyone with readings over and 6.0 mmol/l was given dietary advice. Seven people with readings between 8.0 and 8.9 mmol/l were given referral notes to see their doctor for a more detailed check and two diabetics who believed their diabetes was under control and had asked for checks went away relieved that it was.

One patient with an extremely high reading between 13.1 and 13.9mmol/l was referred to his doctor as a matter of priority and arrangements were made with the son of a deaf 84-year-old man showing no symptoms of diabetes but with a reading of beteen 21.0 and 21.9mmol/l for him to be taken to a hospital within 72 hours.

Lion David said it was significant, compared with a year ago, the number of referrals rose from six per cent to eight per cent of those screened.