Remebering the atom bomb dead in Lewes

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Lewes CND has invited everyone to join its commemoration of those who died and all who became ill as a result of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, as well as all those since who have suffered the ill-effects of nuclear power.

Chair Susan Murray said: “Whatever you think of nuclear power, you must be moved by the memory of the thousands vaporised in that terrible moment - mere shadows on the ground where previously men, women and children had lived their lives. That is why CND gathers to swear ‘Never again’ on the anniversary of those awful bombs.”

She continued: “In all wars, however politicians attempt to justify them, innocent people lose their lives or suffer terrible disfigurement, disability or psychological trauma when they find themselves on the receiving end of so-called smart weapons. This is the world bequeathed to us by the Hiroshima bomb, a world where building powerful weapons is supposedly vital to our economy and where no innocent life can be allowed to stand in the way of the might of the West. And yet still we continue to talk of replacing our Trident nuclear weapons with an updated system. Is this the world you want to bequeath to future generations?”

Lewes CND will be gathering under the Phoenix Causeway at 8.30pm on Wednesday, August 6, to once again float candles down the River Ouse.

Ready-made candles will not be available this year and participants are invited to make their own – you need a buoyant base, a night light, a paper shade to stop it being blown out and a means of keeping it all together. Please phone Mrs Murray on 473912 for more information.