Remember the Green Cross Toad in East Sussex!

Beware the Green Cross Toad - that’s the warning from the Sussex Wildlife Trust ahead of their winter mass migration

Toads have a one track mind when migrating back to their breeding grounds in search of a mate, according to the trust.

Nothing gets in the way of their amorous feelings – including roads and railways. Sadly, every year scores of toads are killed by cars as they cross roads to follow traditional migration routes. This, and the loss of good breeding ponds, is having a significant impact on the number of toads in the UK, says the charity.

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Jess Price, Sussex Wildlife Trust Conservation Officer says: ‘Maybe toads aren’t as impressive as stampeding wildebeest moving across the Serengeti, but for me the mass migration of toads is a wonderful sight.”

Migration happens anytime between January and April, toads usually emerging at night after a spell of damp warm weather.

To find out about becoming a volunteer toad patroller at key sites in Sussex, please contact Jess, who runs Sussex Wildlife Trust wildlife information service ‘WildCall’, by email [email protected] or call 01273 494777.