Reminder on changes to electoral register

People in Rother who have been asked for more information to update their electoral registration are urged to ensure they return it as soon as possible.

Rother District Council has written to people informing them if they’ve been transferred to the new Individual Electoral Registration system. Most people were transferred automatically but a small number of people were contacted to ask for more information to complete their registration, and many have still not responded.

Malcolm Johnston, district council executive director of resources, said: “We need the extra information we have requested from some residents to ensure their details are correctly registered.

“Not being registered means people will not be able to have their say in elections, and can also have other implications, for example on people’s ability to obtain insurance or credit, or to apply for certain jobs.”

The new scheme replaces the old system whereby the ‘head of the household’ would register everyone living in their property.

Register at: or for information: