Repair bill in excess of £16k for public lavatories in Lewes

A Lewes Town Councillor is campaigning to have public lavatories re-opened in the town.

Cllr Stephen Catlin said Lewes District Council had displayed “masterly inactivity” regarding the Western Road facilities.

The loos have beeen closed since the end of January due to an electrical fault which is making them unsafe.

The January storms also damaged the roof and the building is one of those considered for the Property Partnership tender, though no decision has been taken.

Independent Cllr Catlin (Priory Ward) said: “We are now in the visitor season. Many walkers come off the downs at the western edge of Lewes and walk through the town. The nearest open public toilets are at the Market Tower, then Pinwell Road, and after that the former Magistrates’ Court car park.

“For a town so dependent upon visitor revenue, we really must do better. Council tax payers in Lewes have been contributing the council tax to the District specifically for the upkeep and provision of services such as these, and the money is not being used properly.

“I call upon Lewes District Council to carry out the repairs and re-open these inconvenient conveniences without further delay. Repairing and re-opening this facility will not preclude its sale and the shilly-shallying must stop.”

He has been told by the District that constructive suggestions from the community on how to resolve the problem would be welcomed.