Rescuers help to free stuck bird in Uckfield

Bird stuck in feeder in Uckfield
Bird stuck in feeder in Uckfield

Rescuers helped free a young starling stuck in the bottom of a fat ball bird feeder in a garden in Uckfield on June 18.

Volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), attended the bird found in a rear garden at New Town, Uckfield.

Trevor Weeks MBE, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Service, said: “The bird was well caught up, its head, wings and legs were sticking through different holes in the feeder. We had to use bolt cutters to cut the wire which was quite thick as ordinary wire cutters were not strong enough.

“We were concerned the bird was at a strange angle and had been struggling for some time. It is important such casualties are not cut free and just released as they often have injuries which need treating.”

The bird has now been named Welbeck after the Manchester United striker, who recently had thigh problems following a training session at England’s Urca military base headquarters.

The bird is currently at East Sussex WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith, where he has been treated for some bruising and injuries to his thigh, back and wings.

WRAS is urging people who feed birds to check feeders are hygienic and safe and to replace any which are old and in need of repair.

Trevor said: “We are urging everyone to go outside and check their feeders and for the sake of the wildlife, replace or fix any which have missing lids or are damaged, and to give them a clean at the same time.”

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