Residents help plant new trees in Telscombe

Mayor Wayne Botting with residents and Ed Haughton, EH tree Care
Mayor Wayne Botting with residents and Ed Haughton, EH tree Care

Four new trees have been planted in an area of Telscombe Cliffs.

Residents clubbed together to plant the trees in Cliff Gardens.

The planting was part of Telscombe’s tree planting scheme.

Over the last four months, residents of the street have been working with East Sussex County Council, EH Tree Care and Telscombe Town Council to map out and raise funding for four hawthorn trees.

The trees have now been planted free of charge by EH Treecare.

The Mayor of Telscombe cllr Wayne Botting said he was impressed with the efforts and dedication of the residents of Cliff Gardens. He said he was impressed with the work they have undertaken and the funding they have raised to buy the trees.

He said he looked forward to seeing the trees grow and become an established part of the street scene in the area. A spokesman for Telscombe Town Council said residents from the street will now look after the tress themselves.

The spokesman said: “Residents themselves will now take care of the trees for the next five years until they are adopted by East Sussex County Council.”

If you are interested in undertaking a tree planting scheme in Telscombe or East Saltdean contact Telscombe Town Council.

You can contact the town council by calling on 01273 589777.

Or email the council on

For more information about the area and council details you can also visit the town council’s website at