Residents petition against plans for new housing developments


Hundreds of residents in Newhaven and Seaford have signed petitions in attempts to save areas earmarked for new housing developments.

Lewes District Council released a list of 30 sites it hopes to use to deliver 415 new homes across the district.

However, the news was not welcomed by many residents and now they are rallying together to try and save their much-loved local areas.

In Newhaven, more than 900 people have signed a petition against proposals to build on Meeching Down, known locally as The Union.

The petition, set up by Darren Grover, states: “Meeching Down, known locally as The Union, is a woodland area widely used by local people of all ages for recreation, walking and relaxation. It is one of only a handful of green spaces in the area, is abundant with wildlife and provides an area of natural tranquillity in an otherwise urbanised area.

“While we recognise there is a need for new and affordable homes in the town, we feel strongly that The Union is not an appropriate site for development.”

In Seaford, more than 200 people have signed a petition against building on Buckle Car Park, which is earmarked for one of the biggest housing developments on the list.

The petition states: “Historically and environmentally, the Buckle area of Seaford is well-known and well-used.

“It has recycling and amenities such as local toilets for the public at the western edge of the town. It is used by residents and visitors alike.

“It gives those unable to access the beach a place to sit and stare and take in the views of our wonderful beach and seascape. It is used by local residents and commuters to the larger towns in the area. It is a vital community space in the West of the town.

“Leave the Buckle Car Park, as a community asset, and not to sell off and build for development. Seaford Town Council recognise this as a community asset and register it as such with Lewes District. Support local residents views on the importance of this area. Lewes District to take note of the residents views and do not use this land for further development of the seafront.”

To view the petitions, visit and

Consultation with residents has begun, with the first planning applications to be submitted at the end of 2015.