Residents unite in litter fight


Residents took their fight against the ongoing problem of littering to the streets in a bid to highlight the issue blighting a Hailsham estate.

More than 20 bags of rubbish were collected during a clean up mission by a team of volunteers of Hailsham’s Town Farm estate.

The litter included around 30 empty alcohol cans along a short section on St Mary’s Avenue.

Volunteers from Hailsham Parish and Living Word Community churches joined Town Farm Residents Association and Computers for Charities in blitzing accumulated litter around the estate roads, pathways and parking areas.

Under the banner of TLC – Taking Litter Captive - the team scoured large parts of the estate and collected more than 20 bags of litter and discarded boarding materials.

It was the second time this year that the community had responded to the persistent and widespread dropping of litter, cans, bottles and food wrappers, said Ralph Olesen, who helped organise the litter pick.

Semi-retired civil engineer Mr Olesen said: “We got a lot of tins and bottles and the rest was food wrappers and sweet packets and that sort of thing.

“We found fast food packaging and quite often found the containers spread on footways with whatever was left over.

“There’s quite a lot along accesses through the estate, despite the efforts of some residents to keep their area tidy.

“What amazed me was the number of tins of lager in one spot, we picked up 30 tins.”

He added: “We want to bring the issue to people’s attention and obviously we think people should bin their litter.

“What upsets me most is not the litter as a visual effect on the area but the lack of respect for the place where people live.”

The litter pick follows on from the first grass cut of the season and pre-clearance by Community Services.

Mr Olesen said: “Despite the fact there was a litter pick by the community service people prior to the grass cutting there was still plenty of litter to pick up because it’s an ongoing problem.

“The litter pick was us trying to make some sort of gesture to raise the profile of the problem of litter.”

A repeat exercise is being planned in advance of judging of Hailsham in Bloom.

The next litter pick could be a sponsored Litter Pick co-ordinated by Computers for Charities.

Anyone interested in joining the team or litter picking should contact Ruth Rooksby by email at or telephone 1323-840641.