Residents unite to protest proposed closure of Ore Library

Protesters against the closure of Ore Library. Photo by Alan RobertsProtesters against the closure of Ore Library. Photo by Alan Roberts
Protesters against the closure of Ore Library. Photo by Alan Roberts
Residents gathered with placards, banners and books to protest the proposed closure of Ore Library yesterday (Saturday).

More than 50 local people gathered at the Ore Community centre in support of the campaign to Save Ore library – which is threatened with closure under proposals currently being considered by East Sussex County Council.

The library is the only one in Hastings of the seven public facilities earmarked for closure across East Sussex.

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Among the crowd were leader of Hastings Council, Peter Chowney, and two youngsters looking remarkably like Harry Potter and his friend Hermione.

They then walked across the road to the library where they were greeted with cheers from passers-by and supportive hoots from passing motorists.

Hastings Borough councillor, Richard Street, was delighted with the turnout.

He said: “This shows how much we in the local community support our local library. Ore contains some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the country and its residents need the services only a properly resourced public library can offer.

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“It would be an appalling dereliction of duty if the County Council’s Cabinet decided to close it.”

Local resident and retired Head Teacher, Angela O’Connor said: “The local library is a gateway for the local community. Emphasis on the word ‘local’.

“The local community turned out in force on a busy Saturday morning as they are passionate about keeping open Ore library.”

Another local resident and president of Ore Women’s Institute, Stephanie Gaunt said: “This successful community protest is just the start! The National WI ‘Saving Libraries’ campaign guidance tells us all to visit and use any threatened  local library as much as we can during the consultation period and to contact our local county councillors.  

“Let’s show our support for Ore Library!”

For more information about the campaign, visit