Return of the vanishing Lewes bus stop ... where drivers wave and sail by

Councillors Graham Mayhew, Stephen Catlin and Adam Barker
Councillors Graham Mayhew, Stephen Catlin and Adam Barker

The case of the disappearing bus stop has left residents on the Nevill Estate in Lewes frustrated and footsore.

They used to be able to catch a bus at the junction of Mount Harry Road and Highdown Road. However during recent gas repairs the stop was taken away and replaced with a temporary sign.

Once the repairs were completed the temporary sign was removed but the permanent stop never reinstated.

Following enquiries by local councillors Adam Barker, Stephen Catlin and Graham Mayhew, East Sussex County Council has agreed to put it back.

Cllr Barker said: “While experienced drivers still stop newer colleagues often drive by, mistaking the hand signal given by residents waiting for the bus as a friendly wave.

“The drivers have just waved back, as there is no visible stopping point.

“The reinstatement of the stop will ensure all buses stop at this point on the estate saving elderly residents a walk up the hill to Firle Crescent.

Cllr Mayhew said: “I know that a lot of local residents will be absolutely delighted the county council has agreed to put up a proper bus stop sign at the bottom of Mount Harry Road by the shops.

“This has been a regular stopping point for local buses for years and is very well used, particularly by older residents with bus passes.

“Until Adam Barker took up the case I don’t think any of us realised it wasn’t recorded as a bus stop on either the county’s or the bus company’s route maps.

“Having a properly designated stop here will ensure its continuance for years to come.”