REV DAVID FAREY: The Bible, boring? Never!

David Farey SUS-160113-102615001
David Farey SUS-160113-102615001

If you mention the Bible to many people you might either get a blank look or the response that it’s boring. I would respond that in which case they had never read it!

It is dynamic with amazing stories of courage, of battles and wars, of sex and violence; of the clash of cataclysmic powers, of superhuman feats and out of this world events; it has poetry and wisdom and points to powers that shape the destiny of the whole universe.

Boring? Never!

It is one of the reasons why the Roman Catholic Church across the world and our own Chichester diocese covering churches in East and West Sussex have declared this year as the Year of the Bible.

Through the year there are a whole raft of different events and resources which help people to understand their Bibles more.

A few years ago some research found that one in four 18-34 year olds didn’t even know whether Jesus was a real or a fictional person.

The historic proof of the existence of Jesus is so substantial so if even that is doubted what hope is there that the things the Bible speaks about are going to be understood, let alone accepted?

The Bible is a most amazing book, written thousands of years ago and over a period of over a thousand years.

It contains a picture of who we believe to be the God of all, and his dealings with us and our dealings with him.

Central for Christians of course are the gospels with the stories of Jesus.

Whether you believe what it says or not it has had an enormous impact upon the whole of humanity.

We can all learn more. As a vicar when I go to quiz evenings it is one of the things I dread, the religious question.

As soon as it is given out, be it a general question or one about the Bible, I am suddenly very conscious of all the eyes in the team swivelling towards me!

There is simply so much information and facets to our faith and so much in the Bible that it is practically impossible to know everything.

And yet as the ‘professional’ I am supposed to know more than them - which I probably do!

So, just as we do all we can to read about our favourite hobby or interest, or read the newspaper or watch TV to keep up with the news and the latest thing it is a no brainer to read a book which has the potential to introduce us to eternal life?

Look out for Bible events at a church near you and learn about God’s dealings with us or simply amaze your friends at the next quiz night!