Review: Beady Eye, The Brighton Centre, Wednesday April 27

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LIAM prowled the stage like a caged animal, his mood oscillated between mardy (grumpy) and mad for it (excitable) and he sidled up to the microphone like he was intent on head butting it.

The charismatic front man was definitely entertaining to watch and remained just as unpredictable as ever.

In response to someone from the crowd he said: “You’re from Brazil? Great. I’m from the Manchester.” And the crowd cheered.

At the end of the gig he even disappeared into the audience to say hello which lead to a wave of crowd surfing as fans tried to make their way down to him.

Liam sang really well, performing some of the more difficult songs from Beady Eye’s first album exactly as they were recorded.

The guitars and drums sounded brilliant, with a touch of the 1960s and a hint of big beat.

There were dazzling visuals behind the band too, which coupled with the sing along upbeat music made for a top night out.

Interestingly there were no Oasis songs at all but the new material was really very good - just as good as Oasis.

Make no mistake. This was a rowdy gig - there were a lot of plastic beer glasses being hurled around, most of them with beer in them, a bit of crowd surfing until security got their mits on the miscreants and a lot of moshing. Awesome.

On one final note, can I point out to the muppets who threw beer glasses into the seats, there is an etiquette at gigs?

If you want to do it, fine, almost everyone enjoys getting a bit messy, but the proper place for this is in the pit, not the seats where people are hoping to enjoy the music and avoid getting into any scrapes.