Review: Dom Joly, Welcome to Wherever I Am, Monday July 25

dom joly
dom joly

It was a strange evening with Dom Joly.

When we entered the theatre he was sitting on the stage on a red leather, high backed chair, dressed in a green t-shirt and beige shorts, a beer in one hand and headphones glued to his ears, apparently listening to music, while nodding to the beat.

The show was a bit like going to see an amazing after dinner speaker, but with video clips, photos and music.

Joly took us though his career beginning with Trigger Happy TV, his shows on the BBC and then Sky One, as well as his travel book The Dark Tourist.

And we found out about some of the strange places he has visited including Chernobyl and North Korea.

He is a very funny and witty bloke, but also with a touch of the anarchic about him.

It was great fun to watch him on stage, there were plenty of laughs and it was his first live tour ever.

Whether it completely worked as a live show, I’m not so sure, but I really enjoyed myself nonetheless.

And it can lay claim to the strangest way I have ever seen a show finish.

Joly said he was creating a film which would involve volunteers as extras.

Our job was to be the audience in the trailer for the film.

Apparently he has been doing this with all the audiences on his 70 date UK tour and the best one will be in the film.

So we had to stand up and dance around, throw pretend rocks at the screen, fall asleep and then run out of the theatre screaming.

It was the fastest I had ever seen the Theatre Royal cleared.

Overall then it was interesting, weird and different, but it was probably a night that was best reserved for Trigger Happy TV fans.