Review: Dr Marigold and Mr Chops

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I WAS absolutely mesmerised by the spellbinding performance Simon Callow gave as he transformed himself into two characters for his one man show at the Theatre Royal Brighton on Monday.

The production, Charles Dickens’ Dr Marigold and Mr Chops, opens with Simon Callow taking on the role of narrator, Toby Magsman, an old showman who befriends Mr Chops, a dwarf whose main aim in life is to be accepted into society.

Mr Chops wins the lottery and Toby tells a heart warming and funny tale of this rather odd and larger than life character. It had the audience rolling around in stitches.

The only fault I would have is, Simon Callow’s accent seemed to slip at times, and I was confused as to which character was talking in his story.

Following the interval Simon Callow transforms into his second character of the evening - Dr Marigold.

I really got into this part of the play – much more than the first – and became immersed in a tragic and heartfelt tale of a man who marries a violent woman, who kills his only child.

After his wife’s death he finds and adopts a deaf and dumb girl, who reminds him of his child Sophie, and gives her a wonderful upbringing.

There is a heart warming ending as he finds himself surrounded by a family he thought he’d never have.

The set was very impressive, simple, but enough to transport you back in the time and add authenticity to the production.

It very much felt like you were being told a bed time story by your granddad, especially with the cosy and intimate feel of the Theatre Royal Brighton.

I am a huge Dickens fan and this is definitely one to see if you want something a little different.

The show runs until October 29.

Tickets are priced at £13 - £27.

To book call the Box Office on 0844 871 7650 (bkg fee)

Groups Hotline 0844 871 7617

Access Bookings 0844 871 7677 (bkg fee)

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