Review: Earthquakes in London. Brighton Theatre Royal

FAST paced, exciting, wacky and wonderful - Earthquakes in London keeps us all on our toes and raises some important issues about the future.

The play currently showing at Theatre Royal Brighton takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride spanning from the late 1960s until 2525.

It examines the characters fear of the future and the consequences of technological advancement and expansion.

The planet is dying and it is taking the whole of humanity with it.

The star of the show for me was Tracy-Ann Oberman who plays government minister Sarah.

She is the eldest of three sisters who, after their mother’s death, has been shunned by their father.

She brings up her two sisters but her thirst for power sees her become known as the ‘ice queen’ with little emotion or time for her family.

Her performance was powerful, believable and she owned the stage.

Burlesque strip shows, bad dreams, social breakdown, population explosion, worldwide paranoia, the show is a fast and furious metropolitan crash of people, scenes and decades as three sisters attempt to navigate their dislocated lives and loves, while their dysfunctional father, a brilliant scientist, predicts global catastrophe.

I particularly enjoyed the use of music in the show – it seemed to somehow make the events more profound and offered a brilliant mixture of both serious play and light hearted musical.

It had everything – the sets were fantastic, the use of the projector which flashed up images really added to the explosive atmosphere of a world on the brink of disaster.

The only fault I do have is I think the show went on a little too long. I was completely captivated by it and didn’t even realise the time was passing. But there are several points towards the end of the play where it could have happily concluded and I couldn’t help feel it was dragged out a bit too long.

But having said that, Mike Bartlett’s Earthquakes in London is clever, funny and raises some serious issues about the state of the planet and those with power in it.

I loved this show and I would see it time and time again.

If you have an open mind and a liking for something completely different, Earthquakes in London is one for you.

Earthquakes in London is showing at Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday October 15. Eves 7.45pm, Sat mats 2.30pm. For more information call the Theatre Royal Box office on 08448 717 650.