Review: Henning Wehn, Komedia, Brighton, Saturday April 30

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IT’S ONLY a matter of time before TV shows snap up Henning Wehn.

Not only is he extremely funny, but he has also tapped into a part of British society which looks set to continue for a long time - our obsession with the War.

For example he visited a primary school and asked children what they knew about Germany.

Amongst the answers was “Naughty Hitler.”

And after Henning finished being angry about prejudices still existing in the young, he thought: “financial security” for his show.

This time he was on stage without his usual touring buddy Otto Kuhnle - veteran of Berlin theatres and German television - because Otto has become a father for the first time.

This gave Henning the opportunity to deliver his caustic and clever material without the rhythm being broken and it was brilliant.

There was a great royal gag about Prince William supporting Aston Villa football team in Birmingham when he should be supporting his local team - Hannover.

Henning also made a lot of sly digs at Germans’ punctuality, the British obsession with After Eights and the two world wars and one world cup rebuke.

He pointed out it’s a bit like running up to a Russian and shouting Stalingrad 1941.

And of course there’s the people in their 70s who bang on about the war - Henning makes the case they were a drain on British resources because they were only about aged ten during the war and couldn’t have contributed anything, so were actually on the German side!

Rush out and see Henning now while he still plays intimate gigs like the one at Komedia - because one day he’s going to be huge.

If you missed him he’s playing the Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton on Wednesday July 13 if you fancy a bit of teutonic jolliness.