Review: Micky Flanagan, Out Out Tour, Brighton Dome, Sunday April 10

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I first remember seeing Micky Flanagan six years ago when he was one of three people performing at a lairy comedy night at Komedia in Brighton.

He stole the show, so it’s brilliant to see that he has made it, because he is an outstanding comedian - tickets on this UK tour are selling as quickly as a new Apple product.

In fact Micky, who grew up in South London, proudly said he had done so well, that he had just spent £180 on a jumper.

He used to look at the expensive clothes in magazines when he was working on building sites and think “£180 for a jumper? That’s a holiday to Magaluf!”

And it is this conflict between his working class roots and his ascendancy to the middle classes which is the subject of his comedy.

The show is overflowing with razor sharp wit and astute observations, which will have you cackle all the way through the gig, until you cry and grasp your belly in pain.

All his material is seamlessly sown together so that you feel like you’re down the pub with a mate who is firing hilarious and well observed stories at you, relentlessly.

He just seems like a really nice, chirpy bloke, with a twinkle in his eye, who is unafraid to make the odd comment which will have the audience squirming in their seats

Micky also demonstrated his Cockney walk, which sort of involved dragging one foot behind the other and barrelling from side to side, whilst giving you a local history lesson, saying: “See that deli. It used to be a butchers.”

And I also liked the story about him starting a degree in social sciences when he said the other students thought: “The window cleaner’s keen isn’t he?” and the way men walk into a pub and shout alright Fatty and the man rubs his beer belly and proclaims “I paid good money for that!”

If you get the chance to see Micky Flanagan, snatch it. You’ll leave his show with a huge smile.