Review: Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

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Review by Shirley Linsell, January 18 (until January 22,) Meeching Hall, Newhaven.

The Meeching theatre has widened its boundaries even more.

Into outer space and on another Galaxy namely Frottage 111 where Saucy Jack’s Disco is.

The plot and I use the term loosely, revolves around the disco where a serial killer lurks.

We start off with Veronica Stardust a very good vent act by Anita Gilson.

Then there is a gyrating performance by Bettina Scott who gets murdered.

The weird sort of psychiatrist played by Steve Wetheritt is there for his own pleasure, newcomer Edd Ginn is Mitch Maypole who later on strips down to his pants and he interests the doctor in a non medical way.

Then there is Garry Fowler as Booby Sgevalle and in full drag he is wonderful.

Damien Sutton is sweet as Sammy Sacks.

Then there is Saucy Jack himself and Jim Harvey is delightfully evil.

Kirsty Barnes plays the role of a biker chic and Josie Hobbs, Roxie Lloyd and Donna Beard play the Space Vixens.

All this takes place with loud music and bright lights.

It is rowdy, noisy, vibrant and fun.

Daniel Chandler is to be congratulated on his direction and the show holds together very well.

A mention must be made of the lighting and sound.

I also liked Keith Johnson a well known disc jockey who entertained us with songs and jokes in the interval.

The outstanding performance was Jim Harvey and I look forward to seeing him in other things.

At the end the audience (not a great many of them) got up and joined in the dancing.

This theatre deserves all the support it can get.

It was an entertaining evening.