Review, The Bootleg Beatles, Brighton Dome, Sunday December 4

Bootleg Beatles play the Alhambre 22.7.11
Bootleg Beatles play the Alhambre 22.7.11

IT WAS YET another triumphant return for The Bootleg Beatles to Brighton who dazzled the crowd with their uncanny vocals, performances and stunning multi media show.

This year we welcomed new Bootleg John Lennon to the stage, portrayed by Adam Hastings, and what a performance it was!

His voice had the rasping quality of Lennon’s and his vocals the dexterity of a lemur, leaping from high note to high note with obvious ease and grace.

Adam replaced Neil Harrison this summer, who had portrayed Lennon in the Bootlegs since their formation 31 years ago.

The programme differed from previous Bootleg gigs I have seen which meant you could discover some less well known songs, as well as some old favourites.

In the repertoire were Back in the USSR, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Day Tripper, as well as dozens of others in a show that started at 8pm and went on until 10.30pm with just a short interval.

I also particularly enjoyed While My Guitar Gently Weeps which features Eric Clapton’s guitar solo, in this case played by Bootleg George Harrison (Andre Barreau).

After he finished the song, my boyfriend and I both turned to each other and nodded in silent acknowledgement of respect for Andre’s awesome guitar playing, which was both uber impressive technically and had soul in spades.

It was a poignant year for Andre Barreau, who has portrayed George in the Bootleg Beatles for 32 years, as November 29 marks the ten year anniversary of Harrison losing his battle with cancer.

And there was still the usual joking around: Bootleg George asked the audience to put their hands up if they knew what a B side was.

On seeing lots of people raise their hands, he remarked: “We’ve got a young crowd in tonight!”

There was a lot of leaping to your feet and dancing, in fact quite often it seemed like almost the entire audience in the Dome was shimmying on down, including the mini orchestra.

Ah Christmas - it just wouldn’t be the same without seeing the Bootleg Beatles. I always leave their gigs happy, with a spring in my step, trying to shimmy home, surreptitiously.

The Bootleg Beatles having played in front of Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison, George Martin and The Queen.

They are touring the UK throughout December.

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