Review: The Chalk Garden at Seaford Little Theatre, Saturday February 12

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Seaford Little Theatre is currently presenting one of the classics and what a delight it is.

The play is enacted against the backdrop of one of the best sets ever.

The story is of a grandmother who takes care of her grand daughter with the help of a manservant and instruction from above from a retired butler who is confined to bed and you never see.

She puts an advertisement out for a companion for her sulky difficult and prone to exaggeration ward.

Three apply for the post, two go away leaving a very quiet and still person.

The last character gets the job and within two months she has made a change in all their lives.

They call her the boss and what she knows about gardening must rival all the TV gurus.

The child’s mother arrives intent on getting her daughter back and at a dinner party for a judge things come to climax.

Stella Dench’s skill as a director shows so clearly in this sometimes difficult and wordy play, but she is up to the challenge and so are her actors.

The cameo roles of the other two applicants are played by Sandra Haynes and Sylvia Aston.

These two are good in their parts.

There is the nurse of the old man, played very well by Angela Chabot and I loved Gini Comyns as the daughter.

The welcome return of Roland Boorman as the manservant adds to this production and he is an actor who has been missed. John Hamilton plays the judge and interprets the man who is not at ease in the world away from the court so well.

Then there are the big three. Stephanie King as the girl just gets better and better.

Then there is Trish Pape as the proudly eccentric grandmother not really involved with what is going on around her.

Sue Shepherd as the companion is just wonderful her stillness her pain and her her judge of character are all shown clearly.

As usual all the backstage people do an excellent job and the whole production is worthy of an award.

The play is on from February 11 to the 19.

Do go and see it.

Oh and the Bafta. Sue Shepherd. I have never seen her give a better performance.

The Chalk Garden, by Enid Bagnold, runs at Seaford Little Theatre, from February 11-19.

Review by Shirley Linsell.