Review: The Haunting, Theatre Royal Brighton, Monday April 11 to Saturday April 16

If you’re a fan of scary movies then you will definitely love The Haunting, by Hugh Janes.

It’s like watching a live horror film unfold before you eyes, except you can see the terror in their eyes and hear the screams of fear literally a few feet from you.

The play stars Paul Nicholas (Vince in Just Good Friends) as the imposing sceptic Lord Gray and Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning in Eastenders) as London book trader David Filde.

Picture a haunted old house, surrounded by mist, harbouring a dark secret, where strange noises shadow the living’s every move, and you are ready for a Dickensian treat.

Hugh Janes based The Haunting on several of Charles Dickens’ ghost stories and although for the most part, it scares you witless, there are a few moments when the Victorian style of spooky tale is sent up just a little and laughter ensues.

That’s a good thing though as it prevents you from being relentlessly scared.

The acting from Paul Nicholas and Charlie Clements is superb, who are a great team on stage, boasting very well spoken accents worthy of an Oscar Wilde play.

Tension is built successfully throughout and the lighting is used to create an unsettling atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

There’s also an unnerving twist at the end which you would never predict.

It’s also a twist that makes you chew over the final chapter afterwards - no neat trimmed endings here.