Riddle of the bag of cash left on the 29 Uckfield bus

Did you – or someone you know – leave a bag containing a substantial amount of cash on a bus last October?

The Sussex Express has had an email from a local resident who found the bag containing the three-figure sum in cash on either a 28 or 29 bus heading from the Uckfield direction towards Brighton.

It is believed to have been accidentally left behind as the owner possibly disembarked from the bus in Lewes.

The finder telephoned a shop where a purchase had been made by the owner of the cash (there was a receipt inside), reported the find to the police and the bus company.

But so far the mystery has not been solved. The shop did not recall who made the purchase and the loser has not been found. The finder explained there were other receipts with the cash which, if they were described by somebody, could confirm that they were the owner.

And she fears it might have been an elderly person who might have given up hope of finding the cash.

This honest finder is anxious to track down the owner and put her own mind at rest. She suffered minor ill health before Christmas and that is why she has not been able to come forward before.

She told the Express: “We are still keeping the money safely and wish so much we could find the owner because we believe he or she was probably not a wealthy person.”

If you think you know someone who might have lost the cash then please telephone Rupert Taylor on 01273 484738 or email rupert.taylor@sussexnewspapers.co.uk