Riddle of the Green Beast of Lewes is solved

Green Beast leaves its footprints around Lewes.
Green Beast leaves its footprints around Lewes.

Mysterious green animal footprints which appeared in Lewes this week have been explained by the organisers of the Moving on Parade Patina.

The children’s arts charity revealed the theme of this year’s parade will be the animals, plants, birds and mini beasts of the South Downs.

More than 350 children from 16 schools in Lewes will take part in the parade this year.

Patina development co-ordinator Caroline Croft said: “We are thrilled that this year’s parade will celebrate all that’s wild in the amazing natural world around us.

“We have built an exciting partnership with the Sussex Wildlife Trust to bring it all to life with us and we are very delighted to have the support of the South Downs National Park Authority.

“The parade is going to be an extraordinary display of the precious and magnificent species that live around us and we hope the children have a really great time celebrating them on their big Moving On day.”

Michael Blencowe of Sussex Wildlife Trust added: “This is a wonderful way for the young people of Lewes and surrounding villages to engage with their environment in a really creative and enjoyable way. We are really pleased to be involved and look forward to seeing the results at the parade on 10 July.”

Patina is inviting people to guess the title of the parade in the foyer of Lewes Town Hall.

The Moving on Parade is now in its 14th year. It celebrates the transition of pupils from primary to secondary school. Patina artists work with Year 6 children in their schools to create their costumes for the parade.