Ringmer chef killed as he pulls out of junction, inquest hears

A CHEF was killed after he pulled out of a junction and into the path of oncoming traffic, an inquest heard.

Salvatore Marrone, 71, from Penn Crescent, Ringmer, was driving home from work in his Ford Fiesta when he was struck by a Ford Mondeo travelling northbound on the A26 near Isfield, after he attempted to pull out of a junction. A post mortem revealed Mr Marrone had died from multiple injuries.

Robin Sterling, 27, who was driving the Ford Mondeo, had been travelling from Sussex University in Falmer to his home in Crowborough at the time of the collision. He said: “I was following this other car. I came down towards where the pub is, and coming down that hill I saw a car come up towards the junction. As the first car went past, this car pulled out in front of me. I slammed on my brakes and I hit him. I tried to swerve. The airbags came on and I couldn’t get out of my car.”

Witnesses reported hearing a screech of brakes and the sound of a crash.

In a statement read out during the inquest, Michael Johnson, who lives near the scene, said: “I was in my house watching television with my wife. At 9:30 we heard a large screech. From the sound we both knew it was a hard impact. A young man in a Ford suffered damage but he did not look like he was going to be too bad. I ran to the Fiesta, I talked to the male but there was no response. People in other cars were giving first aid to the man in the Fiesta using CPR.”

PC Stuart Medlycott said: “The main cause of this tragic accident must lay with Mr Marrone. He pulled out into on coming traffic and ventured into the path of Mr Sterling.” Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of death by road traffic accident and offered his condolences to Mr Marrone’s family.