RNLI responds to emergency call from yacht near Selsey

Lifeboat crews came to the aid of two people on board a yacht, which was taking water near Selsey on Sunday (July 4).

The Selsey all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was launched at 2.35pm after an emergency 'Pan-Pan call'.

Two people were on board a yacht, two miles southwest of Selsey Bill, and required assistance.

The ALB 'made best speed' to the yachts position 'between the buoys that mark the Looe channel gate'.

Photo: RNLI Selsey Lifeboat Station

"They were experiencing rough conditions with strong tides combined with the fresh winds," a spokesperson for RNLI Selsey Lifeboat Station said.

"Whist the lifeboat was en-route, the skipper reported his engine had failed.

"The ALB arrived on scene at 2.46pm and, after a short time, managed to transfer a crewman to the yacht to make an assessment."

The crewman reported the yacht needed towing straight away clear of the rougher water.

Photo: RNLI Selsey Lifeboat Station

The spokesperson added: "A line was passed, and a tow was quickly established, however soon after the tow started, he reported the ingress of water appeared to be increasing and was around the engine, so the pump was required straight away.

"With the yacht now clear of the rougher conditions the tow was dropped and preparations made to transfer the pump.

"The coxswain decided it would be best if both the persons on the yacht should be taken on to the lifeboat for their safety so when the ALB manoeuvred alongside the vessel one person was successfully transferred but the other one was physically unable to complete the transfer in the conditions."

Following a second attempt, the pump was transferred and the lifeboat crewman soon had the water flowing out of the bilges.

Photo: RNLI Selsey Lifeboat Station

With the pump now keeping the water level down, the coxswain decided to establish another tow.

Once this was established a course was set for Chichester Harbour, where they arrived at 5pm. The yacht was safely berthed at Sparkes Marina and left with Hayling Coastguard rescue team.