Road kill art to promote safety

A teenager has created a sculpture from road kill in her fight to raise awareness of speeding through the Ashdown Forest.

Student Bryony Hacker has created a sculpture using deer skulls and bones mounted on a circular board and designed to represent a ‘national speed limit’ sign.

The artwork will form part of the 17-year-old’s college course work.

She wants the piece, part of an ‘A Level’ extended qualification project, to raise awareness of carnage on roads through the Ashdown Forest.

Bryony was inspired by witnessing the carnage left on roads in the area.

She said: “I live on the Ashdown Forest so the constant dead deer outside my house becomes unbearable at times. Hundreds are killed every year on my stretch of road alone.

“All the skulls and bones on the sculpture were picked up from the side of the road and died due to car collisions.”

She added: “Human lives have also been lost in the deer collisions and I want to raise awareness of this.”

She said part of her project was to create awareness of the deer incidents.

The sculpture took many hours to make but now it is finally completed she wants to portray the message that just because you can go at 60mph – sometimes it’s best not to.

She is looking for ideas on where to place the sculpture because she is worried people might look at it and not slow down and cause an accident.

Anyone who has any good ideas about where she should place it should contact her on: