Road safety bid for new crossings in Lewes

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Local Councillor Matt Kent is optimistic that road safety in parts of Malling, Lewes, will improve throughout 2013 after a recent meeting to discuss the potential introduction of two zebra crossings along Church Lane.

Cllr Kent recently attended a site meeting with East Sussex County Council transport planners, the Head of South Malling School and Cllrs Merlin Milner and Rosalyn St Pierre, after local residents contacted him about the increased traffic and parking problems along Church Lane and around the local school.

Although in its initial design stage, it is proposed that two new zebra crossings are constructed opposite South Malling School to the east, and opposite the Sussex Police Headquarters to the west of Church Lane.

The crossings, predominantly funded by Lewes Town Council and an initiative from the Traffic Working Party, are potentially scheduled to be constructed by county council contractors during the summer, after resident consultation and statutory approvals.

After the meeting Cllr Kent said: “The proposed zebra crossings along Church Lane will be a great improvement for local residents of all ages and to parents who walk their children to school.

“There are, however, still issues about the parking situation around the school during the ‘school run’ in the mornings and afternoons. “Given the larger intake at South Malling School, and the greater distances that parents have to travel with their children, there has been a natural increase in car use.

“This has had an impact on the parking situation around the residential streets of Malling, and I hope that a solution can be found between the county council and Lewes District Council about finding ways of improving residential and ‘school run’ parking.

“Not everyone who attends the school can conveniently walk to the school.”

Cllr Kent continued: “I am very aware how important road safety is in the area as I now have hundreds of petition signatures for a 20mph zone in Malling from local residents who want to see this implemented by the county council in the very near future.

“If consideration can be made for increasing the planned central Lewes 20mph speed limit to more residential areas in Lewes this will be of great benefit to local communities, and ultimately improve the chances of survival if a child is struck by a vehicle at a slower speed.

“Twenty is definitely plenty on residential roads.”