Robin rescued from wildlife rescue centre

A WILDLIFE rescuer was surprised to find a wild creature had managed to get into his centre early one morning and he had to carry out a surprise rescue on his own.

WRAS founder Trevor Weeks MBE told the Express: “On Friday morning I was at the Whitesmith centre early tending to a young fallow deer casualty in care. I’d been there since before 6am and as I’m not a morning person I walked into our volunteer area to make a cup of coffee to keep me awake.

“I suddenly noticed this robin flying around inside the education room. It gave me a fright at first, and had to laugh at myself. We don’t have any adult robins in care at the centre so it is not one of our casualties, so it had to have flown in through the front door, flown up some stairs and through an open door into the room.”

Trevor went on to describe how, with all rescues like this, you watch and observe the creature’s behaviour for a short while before undertaking any rescue. He said it was obvious that the bird knew where the window was and kept flying to it, so luckily the rescue was nice and easy and just involved opening the window. “It would have been embarrassing if I had to call out one of our rescuers from home to help me.”

With some gentle encouragement the robin flew straight out the window and back off into the wild.