Rocks Park pupils sailed the Amazon

All dressed up as book characters
All dressed up as book characters

Rocks Park School’s year six celebrated their literary achievements with a Book Launch.

The youngsters had worked hard creating and word processing their adventure stories based in the Amazon rainforest.

In a presentation as part of Book Week, described by staff as ‘jawdropping’, they read stories to parents, grandparents, friends and fellow pupils in years four and five.

The young authors and adventurers are now looking forward to writing other ‘bestsellers’ later in the year. Staff said the group had worked exceptionally hard illustrating and binding their books, bringing in artefacts to decorate the hall and one intrepid young author went one step further and presented his work while wearing a wetsuit.

They all had a wonderful time. Class teacher Karen Evans and head teacher Chris Davey congratulated their young pupils. He said: “We are extremely proud of them and delighted with the quality of their writing.”

Book Week ended last Friday with Book Character Day. Staff and pupils went to school on the last day of term dressed as characters from books and films. They morphed overnight changing from uniformed pupils into the costumes of story characters such as Darth Vader, Captain Underpants, Wizards, Mad Hatters and Spidermen.

A travelling Book Fayre also visited the school and families had the chance to browse, buy books and use their World Book Day vouchers.