Role in Lewes Passion Play is a life changer for Dan

Dan Silve
Dan Silve

A cast of 30 has already been assembled for the Lewes Passion Play which will take place during Easter week.

The play will tell the story of Easter in real time at venues throughout Lewes with 17 churches from Lewes and its surrounding villages involved in the production.

A minibus driver for disabled children, Dan Silve, who will play Jesus, said the role was the greatest responsibility an actor could have.

He said: “You are repeating the most powerful words ever spoken.

“Not only is this role a privilege and an honour but it is a huge life-changer.”

His roles during the last two years with Soul by the Sea, the Brighton passion play group, have helped him to prepare for the part.

Local student Owen Daughtery, who has just finished a run of The Hound of the Baskervilles with Lewes Little Theatre, will play Judas.

Peter Wellby, a regular performer with both Lewes Little Theatre and Lewes Operatic Society, takes on the role of Caiaphas, the priest who charges Jesus with blasphemy.

The Rev John-Henry Bowden, from Chailey Parish Church, dons a different robe as Pilate showing the Governor of Rome’s reluctance and unwillingness to be embroiled in this momentous decision.

It is not too late to get involved with the Lewes Passion Play, making costumes, building the set or taking part in crowd scenes.

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