Romance and bleakness in all male Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights

Four performers explode their own experiences of being men in Peter McMaster’s Wuthering Heights at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre on Saturday, September 20.

Spokeswoman Emma Robertson said: “McMaster’s all-male, award-winning interpretation of Emily Bronte’s seminal text re-visits the iconic landscapes and characters from Wuthering Heights and places them alongside the stories of the male performers to consider how, almost 200 years after the book was published, the lives and aspirations of men are now different.

“Featuring overly-high drama, romantic violence, a touch of Yorkshire bleakness and a few alternative endings, the performance focuses particularly on Heathcliff’s mysterious disappearance from the moors, and his subsequent return as a man.

“From the perspective of this all-male company, this timely production questions what should be left behind in history and what should be held onto as we move forward into the 21st century.

“As the men recall the dark expanses of the Yorkshire moors, sing together full-throated and bold, recall poignant memorials of being a boy and dance optimistically to the howling tones of Kate Bush, the energy of this new performance is not to be missed.”

Emma added: “Peter McMaster is an experimental performance practitioner, drawn to artistic processes that create unpredictable outcomes.

“Working in response to both internal and external environments, his work upholds an emotional and immersive sensitivity while at the same time aims to disrupt and challenge social and cultural normativity. He is currently exploring concepts and practices surrounding gender and masculinity, wildness/wildlessness, spirituality within an arts context and the celebration of nature.”

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