Rotary lends a helping to Seaford Community Garden

Paul Vaesen and Katie Hoff at the Seaford Exchange Project Community Garden.
Paul Vaesen and Katie Hoff at the Seaford Exchange Project Community Garden.

A raised bed which is accessible to wheelchair users has been made possible at Seaford Exchange Project Community Garden thanks to helping hand from the Rotary Club of Seaford.

The group donated £250 to meet the cost of a new bed with a u-shaped access point after the community garden asked for assistance.

Rotary president Paul Vaesen was at the garden on May 15 to help with the construction of the new bed.

Katie Hoff from the community garden said the single raised bed they had could only be accessed from one side and even then, any user blocked the pathway for other gardeners.

She said they had discussed the problem with wheelchair users and devised a plan to build the new bed with a wide u-shaped access point, allowing more people to garden at any one time without obstructing the movement .

A removable tabletop-workbench will be built at the garden, located in Crouch Gardens, just off East Street, disabled gardeners could have their tools and plants in front of them, at bed level.

Katie added: “Having a second raised bed would allow us to offer more opportunities to a wider range of individuals - not just to wheelchair users but also those with a whole variety of physical problems which make bending difficult.

“We believe that gardening is a hugely therapeutic activity both mentally and physically and the positive experience reported by volunteers appears to confirm this fact.”