Round the clock work for Uckfield firm

Mitchell & Cooper staff photo V2
Mitchell & Cooper staff photo V2

AN UCKFIELD based company has just announced plans to place its factory on 24-hour production.

Mitchell and Cooper is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bar equipment and designs and produced an array of innovative products.

Managing director of the Bell Lane firm, Guy Cooper said: “We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we fly the flag for British manufacturing and are absolutely delighted that the global demand for our products has led us to make such an important move. Investing in 24-hour production at the factory is a huge step forward for Mitchell and Cooper and will enable us to further support our local area.

“We have already employed several new members of staff to cover the increased shift patterns and look forward to watching production go from strength to strength.”

The move, which has resulted in the company increasing its workforce by almost 10%, comes in response to the demand for an ever-increasing number of orders from the United States, and although a major investment for Mitchell and Cooper, is a massive boost to the local community.

The firm’s well known and popular range of can openers and portioners are both manufactured at the Uckfield site. Mitchell and Cooper is also investing in the latest technology and has recently purchased a laser etcher to assist in bespoke branding or specific orders. This allows customers to benefit from customised products, a service that Mitchell and Cooper are receiving additional interest in. With the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics coming up, summer 2012 is a proud time to be British according to Guy Cooper.