Royal Mail reveals its special stamp programme for 2017

Royal Mail's 2017 special stamp programme has been revealed, set to showcase the 'best of British'.

Royal Mail stamp programme
Royal Mail stamp programme

The range of stamps subjects from some of the greatest racehorses from the past six decades to beautiful birds that herald spring and summer in the UK.

Windsor Castle, the oldest inhabited castle in world and an official residence of HM The Queen, is celebrated with iconic views of both the interior and exterior of the castle.

Featured in the stamp set is an image of the world-famous Round Tower that has dominated the Berkshire skyline for over 800 years.

Royal Mail stamp programme

Racehorse Legends will feature eight champion horses that achieved their greatest wins on UK race courses over the last six decades.

The stamp issue also features original artwork commissioned by Royal Mail of four flat racers and four national hunt horses captured in action during the course of their iconic wins.

The Songbirds issue in May will present 10 beautiful birds that herald spring and summer in the UK.

The full list is:

Royal Mail stamp programme

January Ancient Britain

February Windsor Castle

April Racehorse Legends

May Songbirds

June Windmills and Watermills

July First World War: 1917

July Landmark Buildings

August Classic Toys

November Christmas