RSPB needs volunteers for Seaford Kittiwake project

THE RSPB is appealing for voluneers to help with its Date With Nature project, which allows people to get up close and personal with Seaford’s Kittiwakes.

It will run at Splash Point on the seafront from June 25 to August 7 but needs support to make the annual event a success.

Volunteers could give out information to visitors or assist people to view the birds using binoculars and spotting scopes.

Kate Whitton of the RSPB South East said: “If you’re looking for a chance to get outside and enjoy nature, while meeting lots of people and helping conservation efforts, please get in touch.

“All you need to bring is your interest in wildlife and an ability to talk to people.

“Training will be provided so you don’t have to be a bird expert.”

The RSPB is looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to help introduce visitors to the Kittiwakes in their breeding colony on the cliff faces at Seaford. The colony is made up of around 800 pairs.

It has become increasingly significant in recent years as Kittiwakes struggle to breed in strongholds along the coast of Northern England, Scotland and Wales.

Climate change and overfishing are believed to be causing declines in some colonies.

Although Kittiwakes are usually spotted along coastal areas, they are a marine species and only come ashore to breed, laying eggs in May.

The rest of the year they live at sea, with some travelling across the Atlantic for the winter.

Kate added: “It’s vital that more work is done to protect the marine environment for species like Kittiwakes, which depend on it for survival.”

People interested in volunteering should contact Kate Whitton on 07889 615727 or at