Safety checks for Queensway

COUNTY Council officers will conduct safety checks on a stretch of Queensway this week, according to Wishing Tree Councillor Phil Scott.

Senior traffic officers will examine the stretch of road between the Crowhurst Road and Church Wood Drive junctions for potential safety hazards following a meeting between Cllr Scott and County Council transport director Bob Wilkins last Wednesday.

The section of road was the site of the collision on September 6, which claimed the lives of three people and left four more in hospital.

Cllr Scott presented the transport director with a petition last week from residents near the road, who are calling for safety measures including speed limit reduction, increased signage, and better lighting on the road, as well as a safe crossing point for Robsack residents accessing the reservoir.

Cllr Scott said: "I presented the petition to the director himself because we wanted to get this into the system as soon as possible.

"He told me categorically he would be instructing his most senior engineer to focus on that particular stretch of road. I thought he offered a reasonable response as they are still very mindful they haven't received the crash investigation report from the Police yet.

"They said they won't be investigating the entire length of Queensway but they will be focusing on the area at which the accident happened, and see if there are any areas that need looking at."

Just days after the accident Cllr Scott joined residents from the neighbourhood - including the parents of 13-year-old victim Aaron Hogg - at a hastily-called meeting on September 9, where potential safety measures were discussed.

He said: "I share their concerns about the road. I've lived and worked in this region for the whole of my working life and I have to say it's one of the fastest moving roads around the area. It lends itself to going faster than 60mph and if the speed limit was reduced it would have an immediate impact on reducing accidents in that area."

He also praised Greater Hollington Partnership area support officers, who have been offering assistance to residents in recent weeks.

He said: "They have been working very closely with residents in what has been a very bad time for them. Their contribution has been greatly appreciated."