Sandbags available after high tides forecast in Newhaven


Sandbags are being made available from Lewes District Council after high tides were forecast - but the authority is reassuring the public there is no indication it will cause property flooding.

High tides have been forecast for today (Friday February 20), Saturday (February 21), Sunday (February 22) and Monday (February 23).

The Environment Agency predicts that these tides will coincide with low atmospheric pressure and strong winds, which will increase the total height of the tide, the council said.

A spokesman for the council said: “We want to let you know although there may be localised “over topping” of the river banks, there is no indication that this will cause property flooding. However, due to the uncertainty of these predicted surges Lewes District Council is making sand bags available if you wish to have additional protection for your property. You can collect sandbags at the junction of Clifton Road, Transit Road and Norton Road.

“Since the flooding to Newhaven in December 2013, river side sandbag walls have been constructed. We believe these temporary defences will provide adequate protection for residents.”

If you are concerned about flooding sign up to the Environment Agency’s flood warning service. You can do this on the Environment Agency’s website ( or by calling Flood line on 0345 988 1188.

The following tide levels have been predicted for Newhaven in the coming days.

The predicted levels include the influence of atmospheric pressure and wind.

All are below the 7.8 metres that caused the flooding to Newhaven in December 2013:

Friday February 20, 7.2 m at 12.01pm

Saturday February 21, 7.5m at 12.28am

Saturday February 21, 7.4m at 12.47pm

Sunday February 22, 7.35m at 1.13am

Sunday February 22, 7.25m at 1.32pm

Monday February 23, 7.10m at 1.55pm

Monday February 23, 7.3m at 2.14pm