Sarah Jane returns to Horsham for panto

CBeebies’ Sarah Jane Honeywell, star of TikkaBilla, Higgledy House and Mighty Mites, is delighted to be back in Horsham this Christmas.

“I just love it here. It’s a beautiful theatre. Michael (Gattrell, general manager at the venue and the panto’s writer and director) and his team are fantastic, and Horsham is just such a lovely town.

“And the theatre has just got such amazing supporters, which just makes such a difference for the performers on the stage.”

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And importantly, Horsham has got a Starbucks - a place where Sarah Jane can be sure to get the vegan beverages she wants.

After years as a veggie, Sarah Jane has now taken the next step and gone vegan. She and her boyfriend revived a couple of songs they did years ago, and they are bringing in a video - one which highlights the awful things that happen to animals, not just in abattoirs, but also in dairy farming.

“When we were going through the footage, we came to the dairy farms as well, and I realised that the dairy industry is as horrific, if not more so. It prolongs the agony for the cows.

“I don’t expect anybody else to stop, but for me, at my age, 37, if I can’t choose what happens to these animals, then I can at least start taking responsibility for myself.

“Everyone thinks that going vegan must be so hard, but in fact it is the easiest thing I have ever done. I have never been healthier. and there is a whole network of people that can help you.

“But you get a much, much harder time for going vegan from other people. If someone wants to eat a cow in front of me, then that’s fine. But you get a lot of animosity as a vegan. I think it is a fear thing. I think people fear that you might start out at them. But I wouldn’t. My mum and dad both eat meat. The come to my house, and if dad wants a ham sandwich, that’s fine.”

As Sarah Jane says, it’s simply her own personal choice - and one she is glad she has made: “Before when I wanted a snack I would go and get a cereal bar or some chocolate, but now I will get a carrot or an apple - and I feel so much better. Now I would never crave chocolate. Somehow you just don’t want it any more.”

Jack And The Beanstalk runs for 44 performances from Thursday, December 8 until Monday, January 2. Tickets are available by calling the box office on 01403 750220 or