Scam vacuum cleaning company warning - Lower Dicker

A VACUUM CLEANING company has warned customers of a ‘scam’ by a cold calling firm allegedly pretending to be the same company.

Dyson Service Ltd in Lower Dicker said the issue had been going on for a long time and had apparently resulted in customers coming to the Dyson shop ‘in tears knowing they have been conned’.

According to the firm, an unknown company cold calls residents saying they are from Dyson and offering a service for £15.

A Dyson spokeswoman said: “This is not the case and customers are ending up with bills for over £100 from them.

“We feel sorry for these customers being conned like this, especially when they have a warranty with their new machine, when after the work is done it is worthless to them.”

Dyson was not showing ‘sour grapes’ about potential commercial competition, the Dyson Spokeswoman stressed. She said Dyson never cold calls or phone customers.

She added: “These people are also frightening customers, telling them their machine is unsafe, so obviously customers have the work done at extortionate prices.”

Dyson does not touch any machine under warranty and wanted all residents in the area ‘to know of the con’, the spokeswoman added.