Scammers target Worthing and Adur residents in phone call operation spree

SCAMMERS conned thousands out of victims in a 48 hour phone call operation targeting Adur and Worthing residents, police have reported.

Police are warning residents to be vigilant after five scam calls were reported in the past two days.

A total of £6,000 was gained from two victims, while one woman was asked to hand over £20,000.

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A 90-year-old woman from Chaucer Road, Worthing, received a phone call at 10am on Tuesday (November 18) from a man pretending to be a police officer from the Metropolitan Police.

He told her that there had been some fraud on her account and that she needed to go to the bank and transfer her money between her own accounts and then £20,000 into an account number that he gave to her.

The woman went to the bank and set up the transfer but the bank’s security intercepted the transfer.

An 82-year-old woman from Falmer Close, Goring, was conned out of more than £4,000 after she received a scam phone call on Tuesday.

She removed £2,000 from two bank accounts and cut up her cards before handing them over to the woman she believed to be a police officer.

The cards were then used to withdraw more money.

A 49-year-old woman from North Farm Road, Lancing was called on the afternoon of the same day in similar circumstances, she was told that someone had been attempting fraud on her account, he asked her to transfer £2,000 into an account number that he had given.

The transfer was made and the man later called back and asked her to transfer further funds between her accounts. The woman became suspicious and said the bank was closed before hanging up.

A woman, 50, from West Way, Lancing, received a call about 10am on Wednesday from someone claiming to be from a fraud unit and that her card had been cloned.

The man told her to go to the bank and transfer £6,000 to an account number he gave her.

He phoned her back to tell her the transfer had failed and she needed to go back to the bank.

She refused and he hung up. It was then reported to the police.

A woman from Oakleigh Road, Worthing received a call to say her bank card had been used in West London and asked her to confirm her card number. She then became suspicious and remembered hearing about the scam and hung up.

She then checked the line was clear and called her bank who confirmed there had been no fraudulent activity.

A police spokesman said: “Anyone receiving such calls should wait at least ten minutes for their line to clear and if the opportunity arises dial 1471 to obtain the caller’s number.

“Once certain that the line is clear use your phone, mobile or alternative line, and phone Sussex Police on 101 to report your suspicions. You can also email [email protected] and quote Operation Edisto.”