Scheme to protect Forest Row homes from flooding costs £2m

SOME householders in Forest Row are set to benefit from a scheme aimed at helping them protect their homes against flooding.

The Environment Agency has made £2m available for a programme of individual household flood protection measures this year, increasing protection to about 600 homes in 30 communities.

The money will be spent on products such as flood barriers for doors or airbrick covers. An Agency spokesman says these help minimise the damage caused by floodwater getting into properties and also reduces the time needed for repairs.

Earlier this year English councils were invited to apply for the funding.

Money has been allocated to areas where properties are at a high risk of flooding and there are no plans for a community level flood defence in the near future.

The money can be used to survey properties for the best protective measures and the rest pays for installation.

In Forest Row, surveys of 47 homes were commissioned by the Agency in the last financial year. The surveys will detail measures suitable for each home involved.

A total of £114,750 was awarded, the highest award in the South East.