Science centre to celebrate Sussex Day in Herstmonceux


To celebrate Sussex Day on June 16, The Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceux is reducing the admission price to just £5 per person.

Melanie Davies, Marketing Coordinator at the science centre, said: “As one of the county’s leading visitor attractions we’re pleased to mark Sussex Day with this very special offer with our amazing telescopes and diverse exhibits including a giant Archimedes screw, mini tornado and glowing plasma balls, our science centre is a place of wonder.”

The site offers science for all, with over 100 hands-on exhibits.

If you have ever wondered why Jupiter has stripes, or why bubbles change colour, the observatory helps to answer these questions and makes science accessible and fun, encouraging enquiring minds of all ages to learn through play.

The site was once home to the Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO), which moved to Sussex in the 1950s to get away from the light pollution and smog of London.

When it left Herstmonceux in 1990, the RGO left behind some of the most historically important telescopes in the country.

A day at the science centre includes all the fun of the interactive exhibits, guided tours of two of the giant telescopes, and an exhibition dedicated to the RGO years.

Depending on the weather, there may also be some ad-hoc science busking.

There is also a café and gift shop, plus free parking for all vehicles.

More information about The Observatory Science Centre can be found at the website by visiting: