Scouts and Cubs beat lake challenge by creating their own rafts

Second Hailsham Scouting Group
Second Hailsham Scouting Group
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EXCITED scouts were given the daunting task of building and using a raft on the lake at Knockhatch Adventure Park.

The 2nd Hailsham Group were given use of the lake for a couple of hours on Thursday last week, June 7.

Some six scouts and 10 cubs were there, helped by parents, leaders and adult helpers.

Cubs built a raft made up of used plastic milk cartons and builders ‘Hippo’ bags along with some wood.

The Scouts built their raft from pallet wood and 25 litre plastic containers, and they also made their own oars from plastic cladding and wood.

Sara Lane, Scout leader, thanked Knockhatch for their help, and said: “We used materials donated by Alsford timber and Mr R.S Engley as well as milk bottles collected within the group.

“The Scouts’ raft appeared to be the more stable raft and was used to carry four young people at a time whilst the Cub raft needed a few running repairs to make it buoyant and stable enough to use.

“Once it was ready four youngsters at a time were then able to float on the raft.”