Seaford and Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch release residents’ rights list to protect them from cold calling

SEAFORD and Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch has released this summary of residents rights when faced with cold callers.

The list was released in conjunction with Seaford Town Council and Seaford Police.

Flyers will be available at the Seaford Police “Quality Street” activity taking place on Seaford seafront on Sunday August 26 from 11am to 4pm.

The Neighbourhood Watch will also be giving out flyers at its stall at Seaford Donkey Derby on Bank Holiday Monday.

Here is the summary:

Although there is an EU law against cold calling this has not been ratified in the UK.

Therefore “no cold calling” itself is not illegal.

After much lobbying by local residents, Seaford Town Council, supported by the local policing team, East Sussex Trading Standards and Seaford and Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch Association set up a poll of local residents to gain opinion on what residents wanted.

A large number of residents of Seaford and Bishopstone responded to the poll and voted overwhelmingly to create a “No Cold Calling Zone” for the whole of the town.

The residents also voted to allow charitable organisations such as Rotary and the Lions to be able to gain a licence of exemption by registering with the Lewes District Council exemption scheme.

It was also agreed that charitable type organisations such as the Seaford Bonfire Society could also ask for exemption.

Charitable organisations are mainly Seaford based and dispense most moneys collected to worthy causes within the town.

Signs paid for by S&BNHW have been put up at all three road entrances into Seaford and Bishopstone which state that Seaford is a No Cold Calling Zone.

Political parties and religious groups are nationally exempt but their canvassers and callers should respect your wishes not to call.

You should state this very clearly on any notices which you display at your residence.

Callers from each organisation which has been granted exemption will display a pass that gives details of their organisation and their exemption status.

Their details will be logged by Lewes District Council and Seaford Town Council and can be checked by calling 01323 894870 during normal working hours. Please be aware that an identity card is NOT an official exemption pass.

So what are your rights?

You are entitled to refuse to answer to any cold caller you do not recognise or who does not have an appointment to visit.

You must display a visible notice, or door sticker, which quite clearly states “Warning – We do not deal with uninvited traders (cold callers).

PLEASE LEAVE AND DO NOT RETURN. Failure to do so is a CRIMINAL offence.

If the caller persists they are creating an offence and you have the right to request the police to remove them from your premises.

You can do this by dialling 101 or if you feel you are being threatened or harassed then 999.

You should also do this if the caller moves on to your neighbours especially if they are old or vulnerable.

You should also attempt to obtain their details (Name, Company, Vehicle details) and report them to East Sussex Trading Standards or Seaford Town Council or Seaford and Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch. Telephone numbers and email addresses are below.

However you should not put yourself in any danger by confronting the abusive caller.

Pointing to your sticker should be sufficient.

Officially approved stickers are available from the Neighbourhood Watch and Seaford Town Council.

They are free of charge to all Seaford residents from the above organisations.