Seaford and Newhaven Round Table complete charity bike ride

HARDY Seaford and Newhaven Round Table members completed a charity bike ride from Seaford to Paris.

Chairman Pete Alden, Mat Commons, Shaun Parker and Dan Ori took a mixture of trails through rural France.

The biked alongside rivers, through villages and forests, avoiding the easier long stretches of road.

This meant they had to use slower but more robust mountain bikes, rather than speedy road bikes, which reduced the distances that could be covered each day.

The team took the Newhaven ferry to Dieppe in the middle of the night, but already the ride was fraught with problems, including the window falling out of the support van in the middle of a storm - rectified with miles of sticky tape and bamboo sticks.

With summer storms, rain and a relentless headwind, they covered more than 140 miles in two days.

Money will go to Help for Heroes, Parkinson’s Disease and Nick Cole, a 15-year old local swimmer and future Paralympic hopeful. To donate go to