Seaford boy grows hair long to raise money for kids’ charity

Ryan Weeks after.
Ryan Weeks after.

A six year old boy from Seaford braved the playground and grew his hair long to raise money for charity.

Ryan Weeks has raised an astonishing £740 for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for children suffering hair loss as a result of cancer or alopecia.

He finally had his locks cut off on Saturday by Phoenix Hair and Beauty Salon in Seaford.

Dad Gary Weeks, 42, said: “He has been picked on and called a girl.

“It would have been very easy for a child to say: ‘I don’t want to do this any more, I just want my hair cut off,’ but he just persevered with it.

“So fair play to him. We think he is amazing.”

The idea to raise money for charity came about after Ryan’s hair started to get a little long and his family suggested he grow it and raise money for a charity.

His parents came up with some charities he could support and Ryan opted for the Little Princess Charity, which supplies wigs free of charge to families.

He has been growing his hair for the past few months.

Apparently when adults mistook Ryan for a girl due to his long hair, dad Gary said Ryan would respond by saying: ‘I’m not a girl, I’m a boy!’ and then rattle his fundraising bucket at them.

A total of ten inches of Ryan’s hair was lopped off at the hairdressers.

It will be used to make natural looking wigs for children who have lost their hair due to ill health.

The family are hoping Ryan may yet raise £1,000 - enough to pay for three natural wigs for children.

Gary added: “We were absolutely amazed by the amount of money people around us donated.

“Ryan is really happy with how much he has raised and he’s happy that his hair is short now.

“It’s almost like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders - or at least his scalp.”

Each wig on average costs around £350.

To donate money to the charity via Ryan’s justgiving page visit

The Little Princess Trust works with specialist suppliers and experienced hairdressers who offer wigs tailored to the individual child’s needs to give the most realistic look and feel, as close as possible to their original hair.